Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) Turkey Earthquake Data Center System (AFAD-TDVMS) is a data sharing platform that provides all collected real-time data recorded by existent stations those have been operated by AFAD, another universities and institutions in Turkey to all users. AFAD Turkey Seismological Observation Network and Turkey Strong Ground Motion Observation Network, which operates on a 7/24 basis, were established for the purpose of monitoring, evaluating and reporting of the earthquake activity that occur in Turkey and its near vicinity. By means of AFAD-TDVMS access to the data has been ensured rapidly and reliably to all national and international researchers.

Referring to National Earthquake Strategy and Action Plan (UDSEP-2023) “A.1.3.2. Cooperation and coordination among national or local institutions operating seismological or strong motion networks will be realized, and joint operation and data sharing procedures developed” for the establishment of AFAD-TDVMS, project proposal was made to State Planning Organization (DPT) on June,14,2010. It was accepted and started to work in 2011.

AFAD Hakkında

During the realization period, a consensus was reached on ensuring the necessary coordination with the seismic data producing institutions in our country to contribute data to the AFAD- TDVMS. Thus, Turkey Earthquake Data Center Regulation was prepared and data sharing principles were determined. Currently, the number of institutions those providing data to AFAD-TDVMS is 12 and formal inaguration of the Center was conducted with the participation of senior representatives of 12 institutions and organizations by former Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Beşir ATALAY who was in charge of AFAD in 2013, December, 23. AFAD-TDVMS is regularly funded by Ministry of Development annually. Although, the project has been continued with the cooperation of AFAD-TÜBİTAK, ULAKBİM between 2011-2016, all hardware, software, data sharing and data processing stages are being carried out by the AFAD since 01 January 2016.

The structure of AFAD-TDVMS is given below as schematic schema

Link addresses of some centers providing seismic data in the world is given below.

Available data capacity of AFAD-TDVMS is given below as table